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Blockchain technology is the future. Older ways of storing databases will soon become obsolete. And with the growth of this technology, the demand for talented freelancers and firms is growing exponentially.

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Blockchain technology is the future. Older ways of storing databases will soon become obsolete. And with the growth of this technology, the demand for talented freelancers and firms is growing exponentially.

Launching a platform where freelancers and businesses can interact for their various requirements of blockchain technologies was not an easy task. Our team had to brainstorm and develop a system that could work efficiently and seamlessly for the blockchain industry. We had to create a system that you can trust in terms of safety and quality.

Our mission

As blockchain technology grows, business owners and entrepreneurs will struggle to find experienced and talented developers and service providers. And BlockWork is the one-stop place where they will get to choose the best freelancers from the industry.

Our mission is to give new economic opportunities to skilled talents across the globe. Businesses will benefit from the pool of thousands of freelancers who will compete to provide the best quality at the lowest price.

For freelancers, BlockWork offers a unique opportunity to find work consistently. As the Blockwork platform is for freelancers working specifically in blockchain technologies, the competition is comparatively less. The possibilities are immense for various types of economic opportunities and independence. And it doesn’t stop here. With new requirements posted every day, freelancers get global exposure, and they are in sync with ever-changing technologies.

How does it work?

Job providers, companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and employers can post their blockchain technology-related requirements on BlockWork. And freelancers and firms working in related technologies will quote their price, experience, and a time frame to complete the job. Employers can then select the best freelancer for their jobs. With the easy-to-use interface of BlockWork, an employer can easily manage multiple teams, assignments, work progress, payments, and various other aspects of the project.

Why now?

COVID19 has changed the world like never before. Online interaction and working at remote locations are now the new normal. With new opportunities and a global reach, you get the best teams at the most competitive rates for your job. The requirement for skilled and experienced freelancers will increase drastically in the post-COVID world. Various industries like Aerospace, healthcare, transport, insurance, and banking are upgrading their technology towards blockchain.

Therefore, this is the right time and opportunity for a platform that can cater to the requirements of freelancers and companies working in blockchain technologies.

Our core values

We value trust more than anything else. A platform that you can trust was our goal, and we achieved it with BlockWork.

A few decades back, the world experienced a swift change in the way nations and communities interacted. Globalization was the soul of all these changes. Political borders stopped confining the talents. With boundaries being permeable, companies started benefiting from the global competitive rates and skillsets.

It also opened doors for entrepreneurs to venture into new domains which did not exist before. But, all this also opened the pandora box of problems related to interactions. Many online platforms came into existence that offered a place for job providers and job seekers to interact.

But, there were almost no checks and balances for quality. Even a beginner can pretend as a guru over these platforms. For blockchain technologies, it was more challenging to find a qualified and talented freelancer. The technology was relatively new, and not many professionals had the experience then.

Therefore, having a trustworthy platform was the requirement of the time. We filled this gap with BlockWork.

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